How Can You Help?

This is a question that I get asked a lot. The inner-workings of the music industry is like a maze with no set ending, but I can tell you three things that can help a career move forward.

A. Connections. As with many industries, music seems to be 80% "who you know". I started from scratch as a child, having no connections, and no family members with prior music careers. Gradually I have built up the number of industry executives in my corner, but it is still not enough. If you have a half-brother with a radio station, a sister of a cousin that works for Sony, or a long lost relative that works for Disney, you might be able to help. Just reach out and let me know and we can decide how to move forward.

B. $$. We've talked about money ad-nauseam, but this is still the resource that is most valuable. It requires huge amounts to produce good albums, to create music videos, to advertise, to travel, and even to enter songwriting competitions in order to help get your name out there. If you haven't already, you can help by donating ANY amount, or by purchasing albums or digital downloads. There are lots of options. And they make great gifts!

C. Streaming radio. Below you'll find links to Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music. If you follow me or add me as a station on any of these, it helps add to my web presence, which in turn helps me reach larger audiences. Once the full album is released I will send these links again so you can hear all the new songs!

D. Exposure. Any kind of exposure is good, unless you really don't like my music lol... (keep that to yourself). Other than that, follow my Facebook or YouTube page and share links or videos to any of the songs on the album. You can also just forward this email to anyone that you think might enjoy the music!