Kit Taylor Named Multiple Winner In the 20th Annual Great American Song Contest

Hey friends. I'm proud to announce that I've won two major awards in the 20th annual Great American Song Contest. I won the Grand Prize in the Instrumental category for the song "Winter in the Village" that I co-wrote with my longtime mentor and collaborator Bob Stark, and was named 'Outstanding Achievement In Songwriting' for the track "Persephone" in the pop category.

The pop category of any contest is particularly crowded, with multiple thousands of entries, so while I'm proud of both, the pop win stands as a pretty monumental achievement. In the words of the contest: "congratulations on your winning songs, Kit. It is highly unusual for a songwriter to place two different songs in two categories in the same contest." This makes eight wins altogether for Kit in contests including the Independent Music Awards, the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, the Great American Song Contest, the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, and the USA Songwriting Competition.

Check out the full list here:

Links to "Winter in the Village":


Links to "Persephone"
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How many song contest wins does it take to get noticed? - Kit Taylor

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