Kit Taylor Featured On The Molalla Pioneer And Portland Tribune Front Page

I was honored to be featured on the front page of the Molalla Pioneer, as well as in the Portland Tribune in a great profile by Kristen Wohlers. The story was also picked up by the Hillsboro Argus. 

Full article here:

Some of my favorite excerpts are as follows:

The album is a collection of catchy pop songs, "taking inspiration from the Michael Boltons and Katy Perrys of the world," Taylor said.

The odds seemed slim of all of this happening as I look back," said Taylor, who lives in Orenco. "It's a pretty cool outcome, especially given that I'm writing pop music in a suburb of Portland. I love Portland; I will always be an Oregon guy. But as you can imagine, musicians here don't think much of Michael Bolton — which is pretty sad, in my opinion."

Aptly named, the album flows from the love and pain Taylor experienced in 2016 when his father died and his girlfriend walked out on him.

"My last words to him were, 'I'm gonna make you proud,' right before he closed his eyes," Taylor said. "I know he was thinking, 'I'm already proud of you,' but that's what I wanted to say."

Knowing his strengths and preferring to be somewhat behind the scenes, Taylor's dream is to write for Disney, he said.

"Disney still knows how to write great music," Taylor said. "That would be a dream, either placed with artists or picked up by someone like Disney. I would consider that successful."

Kit Taylor featured on the front page of the Molalla Pioneer and Portland Tribune

Kit Taylor featured in the Molalla Pioneer and Portland Tribune