Kit works frequently over the cloud, providing piano tracks or vocals to various artists for their singles or albums. Whether in person or over the internet, Kit can give you exactly what you are looking for.

So you have a song near completion, and you need a piano part. Rather than hire a local session player who might be good or even great, you should hire Kit.

The issue with the local guy is lining up the schedule, getting a real piano or at least a great virtual instrument (which can run $2-300), and dealing with the back and forth of what you want in a limited time frame. If you hire over the cloud, you just send Kit your track, and tell him what you want. He'll get it returned to you within 24 hours, and if it's not what you're looking for, you'll get as many re-takes as you need.

​ Kit's gear includes a 5'3 Yamaha baby grand piano, a 27" iMac, several full-size weighted midi keyboards, Logic Pro X, and every plugin and virtual instrument you can think of, including Arturia, Waves, Native Instruments, Slate, Lennar Digital, and many others. Mic choices include a Rode NT-1 and an AT4033.

​ Along with being a phenomenal pianist, Kit is also a skilled vocalist, with the ability to sing both a lead vocal and to provide luscious layers of backing vocals for your track. For an example, listen to Kit's track "Bestill My Heart".

​ Kit is also an excellent producer, with the ability to build your track to perfection both dynamically and sonically.

​ Don't hesitate, if you need some piano for your track or project, no matter where you are in the world, contact him today.