There was a girl with the smile
I’d been asleep for just awhile...
The walls were looming high…
I'd lost my will to try...
My only living dream was not to die.

And then she caught me by surprise,
I wasn't ready for those eyes,
Mature beyond her years
Yet immature my tears
It dawned on me to walk before I fly...

She was the girl with the smile
Taller than the next by a mile
She wore the world like a diamond ring
So was the girl with the smile

I’d like to make her only mine,
I’d like to hold her for all time,
But no one owns the sun,
It shines on everyone,
The moment that we chain our love it's done.

It was the blinking of an eye,
And in a windstorm just a sigh,
And yet it captured all,
A moment so enthralled,
That everything before or since seems small.