If I could I'd hide you
And keep you warm beneath my wings
And break your fall when life comes tumbling down
Everything inside me cries… don't let you go
You know I'd die to keep you safe
But I won't try to make you stay

So it's time to say goodbye
Yes it's time to say goodbye

If you cry I'll break down
So don't deny it's time to go
If not tonight then someday soon you'll know
When you have a star to find, your heart gets left behind
That's just the way the world goes 'round
And how our dreams are lost and found

So, it's time to say goodbye,
Yes, it's time to say goodbye.
Be strong, be brave, you are free, and it's time to say goodbye

Always… I'm near… close by… right here… I will see you through
Someday… you'll know… pure love… lets go…
You will know it's true... that I'm a part of you